Analy is a fashion and commercial photographer based in the United States. She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and is now located in the New York. She began cultivating her passion for art at a young age. At the age 16, Analy started to hone her craft as a photographer taking her first photography class in high school. In high school her photography focused on the exploration of abandoned buildings. While in college Analy switched her focus to commercial and fashion photography, capturing and emphasizing the beauty of her subjects' seemingly candid moments even in the most staged scenarios, whether that is on location or in the studio.

Analy attended Columbia College Chicago (CCC) completing a B.A. in Photography with a concentration in Fashion/Commercial work in 2022. Before attending CCC, Analy attended the College of DuPage and graduated in 2020 with her AAS-Photography. Years of practice gave her a very strong and authentic approach to photography. Analy offers images that vibrantly and uniquely capture the beauty and confidence that is in every person. Her images spark a conversation, challenging beauty ideals and raises awareness about the lack of women of color in the beauty and fashion industry. Through photographing under represented women and the products designed for and by them with empowerment, elegance, and grandness her photographs elevate identities that are often never seen as beautiful. As a hispanic, female photographer in a predominantly white, male industry it is important for Analy to break these barriers and to ensure that future generations see the representation that she sought as a young woman. Analy is interested in leading by example not following the crowd – "I want to see change in the industry."

Overall, Analy enjoys being able to bring ideas and scenarios to life through her images that are radiant, flattering, natural and authentic. Whether she is meticulously creating a new image or capturing the beauty of her subject, her love for photography and attention to detail shows in every frame.

Photograph Taken By: Allison Klein

TEL: (815) 320- 9410